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William Connor Case Study for Cruise Industry Essay

William Connor Case Study for Cruise Industry - Essay Example This William Connor Case Study for Cruise Industry paper depicts the dissimilarities flanked by the advocates and enemies of approach, in order to a discussion depends on why arranging is abundantly defamed by its adversaries. Vital association has generally been depicted as turning roughly the different phases of definition, achievement, and oversees, endorsed out in around course stepping stool for ships. These are three stepladder of the planned advance toward to design includes an official method to move toward arrangement: issue awareness, the development of clarifications and the combination of an answer (Forbes and Fletcher, 2000). In the comparable foundation, Marlo (2000) demonstrate a planned methodology incorporate of a declaration of nitty gritty and spoken importance, holders with authentic gearshift (Boisot, M., and Child, J, 2004, 600-628). Jauch and Osborn (1991) perceptions with his understanding that towards a triumphant result of the methodology, a firm game plan is basic for an affiliation. Subsequently all decisions complete from the top association can be endorsed out all through the relationship, with the â€Å"populace† convinced and act in manners that are unsurprising to make appealing outcomes impromptu to the chart. In this way, procedure making power rests with top association, dispatches a government power in an affiliation. In vision of the ahead looking regular earth of an expected methodology, Mazzolini (1988) experiential that objectives or reason achievements are the risky completion of the methodology.

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buy custom Transfer Application essay

purchase custom Transfer Application exposition Openings come once in a blue moon and I never need to botch my chance to improve life. I am a worldwide understudy at Wyoming University, applying for an exchange to Colorado University to contemplate my Business Administration major. The purpose behind my exchange is that I and my sister have a grant from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government which necessitates that we are both in a similar college, inability to which it will be denied. I generously demand you to think about this money related help allowed by the administration to improve my life. Tolerating this exchange will assist me with using this grant and be a superior individual throughout everyday life; to be sure, this degree will assist me with accomplishing my profession goals and targets. I am a high performing understudy and with the vital help from your organization in tolerating this exchange I will work more diligently and all the more industriously. Joined with this letter, is my educators proposal of my quality in class demonstrating that I never missed a solitary exercise. I am submitted in my examinations and consistently focus on the most noteworthy evaluations; and this must be thwarted by calculated components and that is the reason I am mentioning for this exchange. What's more, learning at a similar college will support me and my sister to spare costs, for example, making a trip to visit her which will require a great deal of cash. It will likewise spare the time that I spend in voyaging and consequently I will have the option to amass more in my examinations. Moreover, we will be paying special mind to one another and thus be better situated to cooperate and enable each other to improve our evaluations. I won't feel pining to go home; since I have a relative close to me and consequently this will be a factor to animate me deal with my investigations. As a family we have consistently filled in as a group in accomplishing our objectives and this exchange will be an extraordinary help in accomplishing our desire and points. I am anticipating a positive reaction from you and thank you ahead of time. Purchase custom Transfer Application article

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Coping With Sleep Disturbances During Depression

Coping With Sleep Disturbances During Depression Depression Symptoms Print Coping With Sleep Disturbances During Depression By Amy Morin, LCSW facebook twitter instagram Amy Morin, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, author of the bestselling book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Dont Do, and a highly sought-after speaker. Learn about our editorial policy Amy Morin, LCSW Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on May 23, 2018 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on January 07, 2020 Depression Overview Types Symptoms Causes & Risk Factors Diagnosis Treatment Coping ADA & Your Rights Depression in Kids  Frederic Cirou / Canopy / Getty Images Dealing with sleep disturbances when you’re feeling depressed can seem like a vicious circle. The more depressed you feel, the harder it is to sleep. And the more exhausted you feel, the harder it is to fight depression. It can feel like there’s no way to break the cycle. And it’s frustrating to feel tired yet be unable to fall or stay asleep. Heres what you should know about the relationship between sleep disturbances and depression. The Link Between Sleep Disturbances  and Depression Approximately 80% of people with depression experience sleep disturbances. While some have trouble falling asleep, others have difficulty staying asleep. And some find themselves sleeping too much. Both depression and insomnia involve chemicals in the brain. Changes in neurotransmitters and hormonal imbalances may affect both sleep and mood. For many years, researchers studied which came first: depression or insomnia. It was clear that the two issues often go hand-in-hand and exacerbate one another. Studies show that sleep disturbances  often occur before depression begins.?? Experiencing insomnia prior to feeling depressed may increase the severity of depression. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine now encourages treatment providers to pay close attention to whether insomnia needs to be identified as a separate condition as opposed to viewing it as a symptom of depression only. The Health Risks Associated With Depression and Sleep Disturbances Depression and sleep disturbances  can take a toll on your physical health if left untreated. One 2010 study found that lack of sleep was associated with a higher risk of early death.?? Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease and failure, heart attacks, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. Depression can constrict blood vessels, which may increase your risk of heart disease. People with depression may experience a weakened immune system, aches and pains, and fatigue. Talk to Your Physician Difficulty sleeping may stem from an underlying medical condition, such as obstructive sleep apnea. Restless leg syndrome and bruxism (teeth grinding) can also interfere with sleep. These medical issues may cause sleep problems that worsen or cause depression. It’s important to talk to your physician about any sleep problems or depressive symptoms you’re experiencing. Your physician can assess whether you have underlying health issues contributing to your conditions. Depression-Like Symptoms That Arent Depression See a Therapist Talk therapy can be helpful in managing symptoms of depression, including sleep disturbances. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective in treating insomnia and depression. For sleep issues, a therapist may assist you in changing your habits, such as getting out of bed when you aren’t able to sleep and getting up at a certain time each morning to help you sleep better in the evening. Cognitive-behavioral therapists can also help you change your self-talk. Thinking you are helpless and hopeless, for example, can compound your symptoms. While reframing your negative self-talk can help you feel better and help you sleep better. Types of Therapy for Depression Medications Can Also Help Medication can also be used to treat insomnia as well as depression. A physician or a psychiatrist can help determine what type of medication will work best for youâ€"as well as which symptoms should be treated first. Develop Good Sleep Hygiene Habits Good sleep hygiene habits can also help you sleep longer and more soundly. A few changes to your daily habits and your bedtime routine can make a big difference. Avoid Alcohol A glass of wine or finger of brandy is often used as a tool for relaxation, as well as a way of coping with anxiety or depression. However, alcohol consumption disrupts your sleeping pattern, so you are more likely to wake up during the night. While a glass of vino might help when you’re falling asleep, it’s not going to do much for staying asleep throughout the entire night or feeling rested the next day. Meditate and Relax Depression can cause you to ruminateâ€"thinking about the same things over and overâ€"which can keep you up at night. Meditation strategies or other relaxation exercises can help calm your mind and get you ready to fall asleep. These might include yoga or deep-abdominal breathing. Take about an hour before bedtime to unwind by turning off all electronics, taking a warm shower or bath, and decompressing in preparation for sleep. The Negative Effects of Rumination Journal About Your Worries If your worries or repetitive negative thoughts aren’t going away with relaxation strategies, find a notebook and write down the troubling thoughts. This contains the thoughts that might keep you awake as your brain goes over them again and again. You might even designate a bit of time before bedtime as your designated “worry time,” so you can really clear your mind. Get Out of Bed If you’re not tired, don’t just lie there tossing and turning. Get out of bed, go into another room, and engage in some light activity, such as reading. Avoid using anything with a screen, such as your phone or laptop. Research suggests that the blue light that these devices emit interferes with normal circadian rhythms and can cause further sleep disturbances.?? When you feel drowsy, go back to bed for what will hopefully be  a more successful attempt at sleeping. Spend Time Outside During the Day Spending time in natural light during the day can help regulate your circadian rhythm. The internal biological clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle is influenced by light; when there’s less light at night, your body releases melatonin. In the morning, the sun cues your brain and body to wake up. If you’re spending all your time indoors in the dark, you might suffer from sleep problems. Regular exercise can also help with sleep issues, as well as depression, provided it’s not done immediately before bed. A Word From Verywell Depression and sleep difficulties are definitely a challenge. But seeking professional help is key to feeling better. You might find you sleep better when you are feeling less depressed. Or, you may find sleeping better eases your depression. Both conditions are treatable and they can get better with professional support. The Best Online Help Resources for Depression

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Starbucks and Corporate Responsibility - 1238 Words

Starbucks is at this point a household name in many countries. This small Pike Place; Seattle, WA partnership founded in 1971 has gone from a retail coffee bean and equipment store to a huge publicly traded company that has set sites that rival that of McDonald s. However, the Starbucks Grande mocha latte was a long transition in the making. The original partnership of three; English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegel, and writer Gordon Bowker, were in the business of roasting coffee beans and selling the equipment to turn those beans into high-end coffee, not that of biscotti and mocha. Starbucks as we know it was originally the passion of one Howard Schultz, which came on board as the head of marketing in September†¦show more content†¦In 1995 Starbucks began a program to improve the conditions of workers in coffee-growing countries, establishing a code of conduct for its growers and providing financial assistance for agricultural improvement projects. In 1997, Starbucks formed an alliance with Appropriate Technology International to help poor, small-scale coffee growers in Guatemala increase their income by improving the quality of their crops and their market access; the company s first-year grant of $75,000 went to fund a new processing facility and set up a loan program for a producer cooperative. Starbucks stores also featured CARE in promotions and had organized concerts with Kenny G and Mary Chapin Carpenter to benefit CARE. Starbucks had an Environmental Committee that looked for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, as well as contribute to local community environmental efforts. There was also a Green Team, consisting of store managers from all regions. The company had donated almost $200,000 to literacy improvement efforts, using the profits from store sales of Oprah s Book Club selections. Starbucks stores participated regularly in local charitable projects of one kind or another, donating drinks, books, and proceeds from store-opening benefits. The company s annual report listed nearly 100 community organizations which Starbucks and its employees had supported in 1997 alone. Employees were encouraged to recommend and apply for grantsShow MoreRelatedCorporate Responsibility: Starbucks1931 Words   |  8 PagesGlobal Corporate Responsibility: Starbucks Introduction A cup of coffee in the morning seems like such a simple pleasure and certainly not one that a person would generally associate with ethical issues like social responsibility, or global corporate citizenry. However, a cup of coffee is actually a serious ethical issue. Coffee is one of the commodities that are still grown in some areas in conditions that are similar to slavery or sharecropping. Moreover, coffee shops, like many fast foodRead MoreStarbucks : Corporate Social Responsibility Essay1853 Words   |  8 PagesI. Introduction Starbucks is the leading competitor in coffeehouses in America and leaping its way to the top as an international coffeehouse where it is listed # 146 in the Fortune 500 list. As a corporate giant, Starbucks has major responsibilities in earnings profits for investors. Having over 12,000 stores Starbucks employs over 150,000 employees and serves millions of coffee to loving customers. Being the leader in the coffee industry, Starbucks has a responsibility in both externally andRead MoreStarbucks s Corporate Social Responsibility1745 Words   |  7 PagesStarbucks is an extremely popular chain coffeehouse that originally began in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Starbucks currently has over 17,000 stores and its mission is to â€Å"inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time† (Starbucks 2017). Starbucks utilizes it mission statement through various CSR strategies. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a metho d that businesses can utilize to benefit society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Read MoreStarbucks s Corporate Social Responsibility797 Words   |  4 PagesStarbucks had been rank as one of the World’s most principled companies around the world (Ethisphere, 2013). As the people are holding the corporation to the highest ethical and social responsibility, these are becoming the expectation of their consumers. Having all these responsibilities in mind, Starbucks is striving to enact its own Corporate Social Responsibility, guidelines for bettering stakeholders in its communities (Starbucks, 2013). Today the company not only focusing on the communitiesRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility, Starbuck Cofffe2889 Words   |  12 PagesCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (Menganalisa Kinerja CSR Starbucks Corporation) PENDAHULUAN Kekuasaan dan pengaruh perusahaan raksasa atau korporasi di dalam kehidupan masyarakat yang semakin kokoh di era globalisasi merupakan fakta yang tidak terbantahkan. Dengan kekuatan itu, dampak positif maupun negatifnya pun sangat besar. Tidak ada yang menyangkal bahwa korporasi telah memberikan sumbangan bagi kemajuan ekonomi, peningkatan sumberdaya manusia dan sebagainya. Namun, dampak negatif aktivitasnyaRead MoreStarbucks - Csr1476 Words   |  6 PagesStarbucks Corporate Citizens of the World There is currently a robust and ongoing debate about whether a companies, especially a publicly traded companies, only goal should be profit. Making money for the shareholders used to be what business was about. Now, more and more people are starting to believe that companies should pay more attention to social and environmental concerns that effect not just the shareholders, but the stakeholders and even society as a whole. The practice ofRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility1375 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Running head:( STARBUCKS) Starbucks Aneez Mohammed Columbia Southern University Starbucks. 1.Starbucks has worked hard to act ethically and responsibly. Has it done a good job communicating it efforts to consumers? Do consumers believe Starbucks is a responsible company? Why or why not? Starbucks opened up in 1971 in Seattle as the first Italian company in United States to have a coffee house for customers. The idea was to have a setting of Italian elegance, a personal treatRead MoreThe Financial Impact of Corporate Ethics: Positive for Some, Not for All1059 Words   |  4 Pagescontents Executive summary...1 Introduction...1 Changing attitudes towards corporate responsibility...1 Corporate responsibility and ethics...2 Case study: Starbucks...2 Conclusion...3 The financial impact of corporate ethics: Positive for some, not for all Executive summary This paper provides a general overview of changing attitudes towards corporate ethics, along with a specific case study of the Starbucks Corporation. Although corporations remain profit-making institutions, increasinglyRead More Corporate Social Responsibility Essay1698 Words   |  7 Pagessocially responsible and now stakeholders almost expect a company to have CSR policies. Therefore, in twentieth century, corporate social responsibility (CSR) became an important development in public life (Barnett, ND).Corporate social responsibility is defined as â€Å"the ways in which an organisation exceeds the minimum obligations to stakeholders specified through regulation and corporate governance† (Johnson, Schools and Whittington, N.D cited in March, 2012). Stakeholders can be defined as â€Å"those individualsRead MoreStarbucks Corporate Strategy Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesStarbucks Corporate Strategy Corporate Strategy fundamentally is concerned with the selection of businesses in which the company should compete and with the development and coordination of that portfolio of business.[1] In the case of Starbucks the corporate strategy they have implemented is unique to their industry which has allowed them to differentiate from their competitors and is summarized best by Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks, â€Å"We’re in the people business serving coffee,[2]† high quality

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BTK Strangler Dennis Rader Profile

On Friday, February 25, 2005 suspected BTK Strangler, Dennis Lynn Rader, was arrested in Park City, Kansas and later charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. The day following his arrest Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams announced in a press conference, the bottom line is that BTK has been arrested. Raders Early Years Rader was one of four sons to parents William and Dorothea Rader. The family lived in Wichita where Rader attended Wichita Heights High School. After a brief attendance in 1964 to Wichita State University, Rader joined the U.S. Air Force. He spent the next four years as a mechanic for the Air Force and was stationed abroad in South Korea, Turkey, Greece, and Okinawa. Rader Leaves the Air Force After the Air Force, he returned home and began working on obtaining his college degree. He first attended Butler County Community College in El Dorado then transferred to Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina. In the fall of 1973, he returned to Wichita State University where in 1979 he graduated with a major in Administration of Justice. A Work History With A Common Thread While at Wichita State he worked part-time in the meat department at an IGA in Park City.From 1970 to 1973 he was an assembler at the Coleman Company, assembling camping gear and equipment.From November 1974 to July 1988 he worked for a home security company, ADT Security Services, where he had access to homes as an installation manager. It has also been noted that the business increased as community fear of the BTK killer increased.From 1990 until his arrest in 2005, Rader was a supervisor of the Compliance Department at Park City, a two-maned, multi-functional department in charge of animal control, housing problems, zoning, general permit enforcement and a variety of nuisance cases. His performance in his position was described as overzealous and extremely strict by neighbors.He also served as a census field operations supervisor in 1989. Active in Church and a Cub Scout Leader Radar married Paula Dietz in May 1971 and had two children after the murders began. They had a son in 1975 and a daughter in 1978. For 30 years he was a member of the Christ Lutheran Church and was an elected president of the Congregation Council. He was also a Cub Scout leader and was remembered for teaching how to make secure knots. The Trail That Led Police To Raders Door Enclosed in a padded envelope sent to the KSAS-TV station in Wichita was a purple 1.44-megabyte Memorex computer disk that the FBI was able to trace to Rader. Also during this time a tissue sample of Raders daughter was seized and submitted for DNA testing. The sample was a familial match to the semen collected at one of the BTK crime scenes. The Arrest of Dennis Rader On February 25, 2005, Rader was stopped by authorities while in route to his home. At that point, several law enforcement agencies converged on Raders home and began searching for evidence to link Rader to the BTK murders. They also searched the church he belonged to and his office at City Hall. Computers were removed at both his office and his home along with a pair of black pantyhose and a cylindrical container. Rader is Charged With 10 BTK Murders On March 1, 2005, Dennis Rader was officially charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and his bond set at $10 million. Rader appeared before Judge Gregory Waller via video conference from his jail cell and listened to the 10 counts of murder read against him, while family members of his victims and some of his neighbors watched from the courtroom. On June 27, 2005, Dennis Rader plead guilty to 10 counts of first-degree murder then calmly told the court the chilling details of the Bind, Torture, Kill slayings that terrorized the Wichita, Kansas area between 1974 and 1991. Family Response It is believed that Paula Rader, who has been described as a gentle and soft-spoken woman, was shocked and devastated by the events that transpired with the arrest of her husband as were her two children. As of this writing, Mrs. Rader has not been to visit Dennis Rader in prison and she and her daughter are reportedly out of state in seclusion. Source:Unholy Messenger by Stephen SingularInside the Mind of Btk by John Douglas

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Body of Speech Free Essays

About it: This speech can be delivered by any anchor or host, who is member of any NGO/social organization to start a program being organized to spread awareness regarding importance of blood donation in today’s life. Body of Speech It’s an honor itself to honor this beautiful audience who gather here for the cause of humanity. We wish a very warm welcome to all of you and a heartily congratulations be a part of this social event. We will write a custom essay sample on Body of Speech or any similar topic only for you Order Now I assure you that this event will definitely results in positive directions and will help in saving someone’s life in future. This program is being organized to spread the awareness for blood donation its importance in today’s life. As we all know that blood is a base of every human life and there is no life without blood, this makes its value priceless. Blood donation is a great example of altruism in action. The most important thing about donating a blood is that it should be a voluntary donation therefore we have organized this event. Ask few question from yourself.. Have you ever visited Hospitals? Have you ever saw any major accident case? Have you ever saw any patient suffering from a major disease in which blood is required to save his/her life. If your answer is YES then think about their lives! Their lives can be saved by just donating our blood. If you look at the statistics of population of a country and the number of road accidents and other major disease in which a patient is urgently required blood, then you will realize how important donating blood is. As the demand and supply is alre ady differs a lot, therefore this gap can be filled by an active participating in Voluntary Blood Donation programs. Can you assume the extent of happiness of victims or patients family after saving his life? It is the real feeling of heart that occurs in their wishes. Many of us have myths about donating blood. Some People says it affect our health and makes us weak. Some people avoid it for their traditional and religious thoughts. And some people even say that it against their cast and religion. So my dear friends, we would like to clear your doubts regarding all these myths that these myths and thoughts have no meaning. The color of blood is only one that is RED; it has no religion, no cast. The donating of blood is totally safe and has no effect upon the health of one’s, though the time gap and other measure of safety and quality must be taken into effect before donating the blood. The organization collecting the blood will ensure all these factors itself before collecting the blood. We usually see many articles on the internet, and books and even there are many awareness campaigns happens in schools and colleges, just like this event we are organizing here. We all must have to give our best to contribute and make other people aware about it. At the end we would like to say that we have a team of doctors to clear all your doubts and queries regarding it. And other useful stuffs to help saving someone’s life. Thanks and Regards. Sachin Kumar Do well, Get well, Be well. How to cite Body of Speech, Papers

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Langston Essays - Jazz Poetry, African-American Poetry,

Langston Hughes And Kate Chopin Langston Hughes and Kate Chopin use nature in several dimensions to demonstrate the powerful struggles and burdens of human life. Throughout Kate Chopin^s The Awakening and several of Langston Hughes^ poems, the sweeping imagery of the beauty and power of nature demonstrates the struggles the characters confront, and their eventual freedom from those struggles. Nature and freedom coexist, and the characters eventually learn to find freedom from the confines of society, oneself, and finally freedom within one^s soul. The use of nature for this purpose brings the characters and speakers in Chopin^s and Hughes^ works to life, and the reader feels the life and freedom of those characters. Nature, in the works of Chopin and Hughes serves as a powerful symbol that represents the struggle of the human soul towards freedom, the anguish of that struggle, and the joy when that freedom is finally reached. In The Awakening, the protagonist Edna Pontellier undergoes a metamorphosis. She lives in Creole society, a society that restricts sexuality, especially for women of the time. Edna is bound by the confines of a loveless marriage, unfulfilled, unhappy, and closed in like a caged bird. During her summer at Grand Isle she is confronted with herself in her truest nature, and finds herself swept away by passion and love for someone she cannot have, Robert Lebrun. The imagery of the ocean at Grand Isle and its attributes symbolize a force calling her to confront her internal struggles, and find freedom. Chopin uses the imagery of the ocean to represent the innate force within her soul that is calling to her. ^The voice of the sea is seductive; never ceasing, whispering, clamoring, murmuring, inviting the soul to wander for a spell in abysses of solitude; to lose itself in a maze of inward contemplation.^ (p.14) Through nature and its power, Edna, begins to find freedom in her ! soul and then returns to a life in the city where reside the conflicts that surround her. Edna grew up on a Mississippi plantation, where life was simple, happy, and peaceful. The images of nature, which serve as a symbol for freedom of the soul, appear when she speaks of this existence. In the novel, she remembers a simpler life when she was a child, engulfed in nature and free: ^The hot wind beating in my face made me think ^ without any connection that I can trace ^ of a summer day in Kentucky, of a meadow that seemed as big as the ocean to the very little girl walking through the grass, which was higher than her waist. She threw out her arms as if swimming when she walked, beating the tall grass as one strikes out in the water.^ (p.17) Chopin^s reference to swimming occurs many times in the novel, and through the ocean and her experiences swimming, she not only confronts nature, but she challenges and discovers her true self. The use of nature is especially significant as a memory in her childhood because it marks a time in her life when she was happy and free. This image of swimming returns to her when her soul is beginning to reopen, at Grand Isle. When Edna finally learns to swim, she finds herself frightened, alone, overwhelmed, and surrounded in a vast expanse of water. Her experience swimming in the ocean for the first time parallels her discovery and immersion in the true nature of her soul: ^As she swam she seemed to be reaching out for the unlimited in which to lose herself . . . A quick vision of death smote her soul, and for a second of time appalled and enfeebled her sense.^ (p.28) She is frightened by her own self-discovery ^ yet is enraptured by it. It is this contradiction and this confrontation with nature that is brings about Edna^s self-discovery and metamorphosis within the novel. It is more than love for Robert that drives her to be free from the restrictions of this society. Instead, it is her discovery of her own self that causes her to shun the confines of society. Edna^s ^self-discovery^ awakens her, and she is able to greet her own soul, a soul filled with passion and sexuality. However, ev! en though she has found freedom within her own soul, she cannot be truly free in this urban society. The symbol of the ocean appears again after Edna has been awakened and discovered the power of her self. Edna, with an inner sense of freedom, confronts the realization that